Have a Better Garden
Than Joe,
Starting Today!

Who's Joe? There's a "Joe" in every neighborhood. He's the guy that always has the biggest, earliest or tastiest Tomatoes, or the lushest flower beds.

We think that he has-
  1. A "Green Thumb"...
  2. More time than we do...
  3. Better soil than we do...
  4. Vast gardening knowledge...
But the simple fact is that, besides reason #3, none of these things are true, and #3 can be fixed before you know it, and…
  • A Green Thumb is nothing more than a basic knowledge of good gardening practices.
  • Once a garden is established, it can be taken care of in 10-20 relaxing minutes a day.
  • Everyone can be a great gardener, in just a few short lessons.
That's why we have developed our "Basic Gardening- From the Ground Up" course. In just eight weeks, you can be on the path to having a great garden, just like Joe does. You will learn-
  • What you must do to improve your soil
  • How to have a lush garden- without turning a shovel of soil
  • When to use pesticides and fertilizer, and when you shouldn't
  • How to turn your kitchen and yard waste into fertilizer for your garden
  • And much, much more
And the best part of this is that the course is 100% FREE!

Fill in the information below and we'll start the course immediately. Then, each Wednesday for eight weeks, we'll send you another lesson, it's that easy.

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