A birdbath for your Garden

Adding a birdbath to your garden serves several purposes. Of course, it will serve as a water source for birds and butterflies, but It can serve as a focal point for a formal garden. They can be simple or elaborate, depending on your tastes. Regardless, they should all conform to some basic design points-

They should be shallow, no more than 2-3" in depth.

They should be made of a material that allows the birds to maintain secure a footing. Gravel or rocks can be placed in baths with smooth bottoms.

They should be placed in an open area so that birds will feel safe from predators

These garden accessories can be placed on the ground, hung from a shepherds hook or placed on pedestals. A simple solution is to place an inverted metal trash can lid on the ground and fill it with water, adding a rock or two for perching. This design satisfies all of the above requirements.

As when choosing ang gardening accessory, attention should be paid to the simple points- will it be durable, easy to maintain, and it should be attractive to not only humans, but to birds as well.

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