Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation is an efficient way to water your plants. The water is delivered right to where it's needed the most, the plant's root system. The systems are versatile, allowing for different types of irrigation and varying rates of water flow. You can combine drippers, misters and soaker hoses to accommodate different planting designs. The initial expense of such a system will be quickly offset by the water savings realized.

One source for these products that we've found is The Drip Store , where you can shop online and save. They have a large selection of quality brand name products for home gardens, commercial landscapes, greenhouses and nurseries. They also feature excellent tutorials, a forum and help files. They have an excellent manual that answers pretty much every question that you might have about their products. The manual is illustrated, clearly written and best of all, free. It can be downloaded from their website.

As with any project, planning is important. You can install a permanent supply system using PVC pipes, retrofit an existing sprinkler system or install an above ground system using poly tubing.

Using this type of watering system can also help reduce diseases. Many diseases are soil borne and this method helps control these by eliminating splashing. Mildew can also be reduced because the leaves aren't constantly being kept wet.

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