EasyBloom Plant Sensor

The EasyBloom Plant Sensor is one of the newest and more affordable hi-tech tools for the home gardener. Now known as the Black & Decker PCS10 Plant Smart Digital Plant Care Sensor, This gadget used with your home computer, monitors the environmental conditions inside or out from a "plants-eye" perspective. It records light, temperature, humidity and soil moisture. Data is collected for a 24 hour period and the sensor is plugged into your computer's USB port to be uploaded. It works with PC's and Apples running Mac OS X (v10.5 and later).

Plant recommendations come from their plant database (containing over 6000 plants) based on the data collected.


The plant sensor will check soil fertility at an additional cost. The cost for this added service is $25.00 per year which is probably equal to or less than the cost of a single soil test. Although it doesn't test for pH, this is a test that can be performed with an inexpensive test kit.

The sensor operates in three basic modes. The recommend mode is used to determine what plants would flourish in a particular location using the 24 hour data collection. The monitor mode can help to diagnose what may be wrong with plants that aren't doing so well. Finally the watering mode gives you instant feedback on whether or not your plants need watering.

The sensor can be used over and over again in any location inside or out and is designed for outdoor exposure to normal weather conditions in North America. It will withstand exposure to rain and dew when USB connector is properly protected by the Cap or the Soil Sensor. It doesn't like being immersed in water, so keep it out of the pond and keep it away from the sprinklers.

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