Flower Gardening

Flower gardening brings beauty to our world. We plan many of the events of our lives such as vacations, retirement etc. In the same way, a well planned and thought out garden design will receive many compliments and will be a source of constant joy and contentment.

A well planned landscape will have different varieties blooming at different times. Your imagination can run wild with the different colors and bloom times by incorporating a nice mixture of annuals and perennials blooming in sequence throughout the growing season.

Perennial flowers return year after year, so placement in your garden’s overall design should be carefully considered. Some perennials are easy to move and some like to be left alone, so take the plant variety into consideration.

When you incorporate annual flowers and perennial flowers together in your garden design they are basically cared for in the same manner. Basic plant needs such as sunlight, water requirements and soil pH should be taken into consideration. Think of plants used like this in this context- perennials are like long distance runners, they grow all season long and if they flower, they do so at different times. Annuals on the other hand are sprinters, providing quick bursts of color when it's needed.

Container gardening allows you add spots of color on your deck or patio and many of them adapt well to hanging baskets, especially the trailing varieties. Utilizing containers to grow your plants in makes your landscape mobile and allows you to change the look from season to season or even day to day. They both have their place in a well planned garden.

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