Fun vegetables

Here are some fun vegetables that will be sure to keep your child's interest all season long. These vegetables have short to long maturity dates so there will be something going on all the time. Add in some lettuce and a couple of herbs and you will have a child's garden that you both will enjoy.

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Purple Haze Hybrid Carrot
The First Purple Carrot! This fun vegetable is the original color of wild carrots, believe it or not! 70 days. What will they think of next?? Here is the first-ever hybrid purple Carrot -- a return to the distant past when wild carrots were naturally purple. Very vigorous and easy to grow, this delicious vegetable will be the centerpiece of your garden and the talk of the neighborhood! Purple Haze is a Nantes-type carrot, with strong growth and a delectable sweet flavor. Its rich purple color extends only as far as the core, which remains bright orange. And it tastes just like ordinary orange carrots . . . but you don't have to tell the kids that! Purple Haze has been awarded a 2006 All-America Selection for its remarkable return to the original color of wild carrots. To take advantage of its bright purple color, serve it raw, for cooking will dull it (though the flavor will still be splendid!).
Earth Tones Ornamental Corn
Easter in Midsummer! Thisornamental variety is great for display or for grinding into flour. 85 to 95 days. Each ear is a rainbow of soft color. Instead of the dark tonesof Indian Corn, Earth Tones is an Easter-hued variety with every ear adistinctively unique mixture! These 8- to 10-inch ears are not foreating fresh, though they may be ground for dent flour if you are soinclined. Their main purpose is decorative -- what a fun vegetable garden projectfor children (of all ages)! Ready extra-early, Earth Tones is adelightful new take on traditional Indian Corn. Enjoy!
  Pineapple Tomato
Another fun vegetable to grow, this beefsteak type tomato weighs up to 2 pounds. Pineapple is a beefsteak type with huge yellow-gold fruit often striped in red and boasting fewer seeds and more solids, for an extra bite or two in every Tomato. Very high-yielding, this colossal Tomato is as fascinating to look at as it is delicious to eat. It has a strong Tomato aroma and fruity aftertaste, for a 'real tomato' experience you just can't find with today's less robust, milder-tasting hybrids! Enjoy this memento of the past, recreated in your own garden.
Big Moon Pumpkin
Often 150 Pounds or More, This is the CountyFair Prizewinner! To grow the largest pumpkin of your life, remove allbut one fruit from the vine. 110 days. This gigantic pumpkin is theclassic prizewinner at fairs and contents. Well-grown fruits oftenexceed 150 pounds -- sometimes by quite a lot! Yet the tender flesh isquite good for cooking, too. To grow the largest fruit, remove all butone from the vine early in the growing season. Pumpkins areexceptionally easy fun vegetable to grow, given adequate space and patience! Sow theseeds outdoors when danger of frost is past, or start indoors in peatpots. Plant the seedlings (or thin to) 3 to 5 feet apart.
  Cheddar Hybrid Cauliflower
Keeps its Orange Color Even WhenCooked! Not only is this Cauliflower lovely, it's also good for you! 68days from setting out transplants in the garden. No, it doesn't containcheese -- but it DOES have 25 times the beta carotene of regular whiteCauliflower, for extra nutrition in every bite! This amazing newCauliflower is the most attractive and good-for-you variety yet, andyou'll want a big planting in the garden this season! The domed headsmeasure about 4 to 7 inches wide and are very heavy, arising onvigorous plants. For best orange color, keep the heads untied duringgrowth. Cheddar is just as easy to grow as other Cauliflower, andyou'll be delighted with the dense texture and rich flavor! Only carrots have more beta carotene than this spectacular hybrid, so if you're looking to increase your vitamin A intake, here's a delicious way to do it!
 Easter Egg Radish Blend II
Scrumptious Radishes in 3 BrightColors! Red, purple, and white radishes are a ready-made garnish orside dish! 28 days. Just for a change of pace from the standard redradish, Easter Egg Blend II gives you purple and white fruits

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