Gardening Accessories

There are many gardening accessories that you can use to personalize your garden. From arbors to wind chimes, the possibilities are many. Bird baths attract birds and butterflies. Wind chime offer soothing music. Trellises and arbors offer support for grapevines and climbing roses. Statuary can bring a bit of ancient Greece, your favorite animal or a bit of whimsy.

As garden accessories go, one of the more popular is the sundial. Sundials come in several varieties. The most common is the horizontal disk sundial. These can be placed on the ground, a pedestal or even a convenient stump! Wall mounted sundials are generally speaking a vertical version of the horizontal sundial. Armillary sundials consist of a skeletal sphere. At the center of the armillary is a model of the Earth. A band circling around the sphere represents an outer sphere of fixed stars. The armillary sphere sundial tells solar time when an arrow, representing the axis of the Earth, casts a shadow on the equatorial band.

Birdbaths are another gardening accessory that can run the gamut from a simple shallow bowl to elaborate heated all season models. Some of the more durable models may be made from concrete or ceramics. A lot of the ones on the market today are made from polyester resin with finishes that look like stone or weathered bronze.

There are many different structures that one can put in their gardens. A garden arbor can add an elegant touch to any garden. Framing an entrance or utilized as a background, these garden accessories can be made from many materials such as wood, metal and vinyl. Trellises are similar vertical structures that are usually flat as opposed to the arch type structures arbors are and are made from the same variety of materials.

Pergolas are elegant structures that can cover patios or small arbor like structures. They are generally built more substantially than other garden structures.

Water based gardening accessories such as ponds, waterfalls or fountains add a touch of serenity to any garden. The gentle sound of water cascading over rocks or sprouting from a fountain can sooth and relax the tired soul. Water container gardening is an option for those who have limited space or don't want to go to the extent of installing a pond or fountain.

Lighting accents can extend the beauty of your garden into the night. There are low voltage systems that get their power from buried cables or solar lights that operate by rechargeable batteries.

Garden furniture makes an inviting addition to any garden. Benches can be functional or decorative in nature. A couple of Adirondack chairs situated with a view of you garden can be a relaxing spot to spend a lazy afternoon or quiet evening. Add a chiminea to chase the chill from the evening or roast marshmallows in and you have a little slice of paradise that you created yourself.

Garden art encompasses all of the above and more. It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This is also true of garden accessories. From functional to whimsical, what you place in your garden is a reflection of your tastes.

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