Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets are a popular method to add interest and gardening space. Taking advantage of the air space above the ground is a great way to add plants and beauty to your yard, patio, or balcony. These containers come in a variety of shape and sizes. Light weight containers and soil are best for this application, although with proper support, ceramic containers can be used.

Treat these planters like any other container garden. You can plant whatever you like, although they lend themselves more to trailing plants.

Since they are basically used as temporary or annual planters in the colder areas, you can mix and match plants that would otherwise be considered "indoor" or "outdoor" plants. Mix some pink or yellow petunias with Purple Heart or Wandering Jew. Or, plant some spider plants with some osteospermum. Be creative and you will come up with creations that are uniquely yours. Always remember the basic rule of thumb for container gardening- "thrill, fill and spill."

Vegetables like tomatoes, runner or pole beans, or sweet potatoes are great plants for a hanging basket. The sweet potatoes won't produce a lot of tubers, but their foliage is really what you are looking for anyway.

Tomatoes can be grown "upside-down" utilizing the Topsy-Turvy tomato planter.

What you need to watch for with any hanging container is the weight of the container, soil and plants once they grow. Combine this with the weight of the water ( a quart of water weighs over 2 lbs.) and you can have quite a heavy object. Be sure that the support will bear the weight of a fully grown, freshly watered plant.

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