Sweet Peet

Sweet Peet is an organic material that is sold as mulch, but is also a great soil conditioner. This product is essentially compost. The firm collects used stable bedding, waste that might ordinarily go to a landfill, and turns it into a product with no artificial coloring, chemical fertilizers or that nasty new mulch smell.

Itt is pH neutral so it will help both acidic and alkaline soils. It will also improve your soil tilth, whether it's sandy or clay. The organic material contained in it adds nutrients to the soil, makes the soil more hospitable to beneficial organisms, and improves drainage-even as it helps to retain precious moisture.

When you compost on a massive scale as the company does, it's easy to produce a product that has consistency. Because they use only natural materials and processes, the material has an even, dark, rich color. When used as mulch it will highlight your plantings, providing a framework for their beauty.

As gardeners, we can't always produce enough compost for our gardening needs. There have been times when we've purchased compost only to find it filled with stones, sticks, and other foreign material. We've never had this happen with Sweet Peet.

It also provides valuable humus to the soil. Humus is nature's magic at work, helping your plants get the vital nutrients they need to survive and flourish.

This amazing product can also save you hours of back-breaking work when used in your garden beds. Using the no-dig method of gardening, you can simply lay down a fresh layer over last year's garden and plant away. The beds will grow each year and you will soon have garden soil like you see on the gardening shows- dark rich soil that will produce an abundance of flowers and vegetables.

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